caviar is a best gift

Caviar, a special gift for making lasting memories.
At first you may want to give a piece of jewelry or a watch to your friend , But you may be worried that he will not like the gift. Did you know that one of the most powerful ways to socialize is to engage the five senses? So it is better to use this method, and create a good memory with an amazing taste. Caviar is a popular food all over the world, which is very popular because of its special taste. Do you want to give a gift that will stay in someone’s mind forever? Caviar is the best gift. Exquisit Caviar Company is one of the top companies in the caviar industry, Caviar of the highest quality is shipped freshly packed and refrigerated.


Why caviar?
Sturgeon, which is one of the earliest generations of fish, produces a valuable product called caviar. Caviar is the sturgeon egg. Caviar has numerous properties and benefits for the health of the human body. Caviar is a valuable gift for the person you care about. In addition to having numerous properties for the body, caviar also has a delicious and unique taste. The pleasant taste and texture of caviar can stay in anyone’s mind for years. So the best gift is a gift that stays with that person forever, like a pleasant memory. You can choose and buy the caviar you want through the Exquisit Caviar online store.


A shot of vodka, a spoonful of caviar…
If you want to prepare a special night, you need two special products. Vodka and caviar, this combination evokes enthusiasm. Take a shot of vodka, put a spoonful of caviar on your tongue and then wait for the unique taste of these combination. Caviar and vodka a unique mixture. You can buy and enjoy a fine vodka and fine caviar directly from Exquisit Caviar.


Our Beluga has been sustainably produced in first-class quality in Iranian caviar manufactories for several years. It is one of the most exclusive products and one of the most expensive foods available in the world.
Beluga caviar, also called black gold, comes from the sturgeon Huso Huso or Acipenser Huso. The largest of its kind and the only predator among the sturgeon can be over 4 meters long. Its normal weight varies between 50 kg and 300 kg. The average caviar yield is between 7 kg and 12 kg.
• Bred by experienced caviar masters in a complex process
• The grains reach a diameter of Ø 3,0 – 3,5 mm,
• Very tender and large grain Very creamy and mild taste with delicate coating
• Grain color from light grey to anthracite

This refined cross combines the best characteristics of Beluga caviar with those of Osietra caviar in one product. The golden shimmering nuances and the large, firm grain are particularly appreciated by the star gastronomy. This hybrid sturgeon can be over 4 meters long and its normal weight varies between 100 kg and 200 kg. The average caviar yield is between 7 kg
and 10 kg.
• Bred by experienced caviar masters in acomplex process
• The grains reach a diameter of Ø 3.0 – 3.2 mm, solid and large grain
• The taste is very mild and creamy, with a fine almond-like finish
• Amber color and light brown with golden shimmering nuances characterise this caviar

Our golden caviar delicacy convinces with its fineness and nutty finish in a class of its own. This sturgeon differs from other Acipenser
species by short snout with rounded tip and by a lower lip, which is interrupted in the middle. The normal weight varies between
40 kg and 200 kg and the fish can grow up to 2 meters long. The average caviar yield is between 4 kg and 8 kg.
• Bred by experienced caviar masters in a complex process
• The grains reach a diameter of Ø 2,8 – 3,0 mm, well defined size, typical
dodecahedral shape of the grains with solid coating
• The taste is mild and aromatic with a slight aftertaste of nuts
• Different colour variations from amber to light brown with golden shimmer

We offer you a fine and tasty caviar of standard quality, obtained through a rigorous selection process and without compromise. These sturgeons are known for their typical elongated body with a pointed snout and can grow up to 2 meters long. The normal weight varies between 30 kg and 70 kg. The average caviar yield is between 1 kg and 3 kg.
• · Bred by experienced caviar masters in a complex process
• The grains reach a diameter of Ø 2,5 – 2,8 mm, soft and light grain
• An unmistakable taste, spicy and fullbodied aroma
• A dark grain colour from anthracite to brown to black

It depends on the taste. Everyone prefers one or more types of caviar. But it is enough to taste it once to be a fan of it forever. Caviar is delicious and pleasant that can keep a memory in everyone’s mind forever. The best gifts are permanent gifts, like a special flavor or a beautiful evening.

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