What is Kaviar?

Real caviar comes from different sturgeon species, it is the cleaned and salted roe. There are well-known caviar varieties such as Beluga caviar from Acipenser Huso, Osietra caviar from Acipenser Gueldenstaedii and Baeri caviar from Acipenser Baeri sturgeon. However, it also happens that roe from other fish species is called caviar, we sell only real caviar from sturgeon.

What caviar can I order from Exquisit Caviar?

In our caviar store you will find an exclusive selection of exquisite caviar varieties – We offer Beluga, Hybrid Gold, Oscietra, Sterlet and Baeri caviar in 30g to 1750g tins. You will find in this store only handpicked caviar of the highest quality grade.

How can I know if caviar is fresh?

Our caviar is packed and vacuum packed in special caviar tins. When you open the can, the caviar must be fresh in the can, it must not stick to the lid. Also, the caviar must bubble when you run your spoon through the grain. Caviar must not smell fishy or like metal. Fresh caviar smells of salt water and the sea.

How do I get more information about a product?

In our online store you will find many details of the respective product, you can also find a lot of information in the blog section. If you have any questions, we will of course be happy to advise you personally. You can reach us best via email at info@exquisit-caviar.de or by phone at +49 40 287 89 833.

How is high quality ensured?

We offer our valued customers only selected and hand-picked caviar, which is sustainably produced in aquacultures and renowned caviar manufactories. During the breeding of the sturgeons, special attention is paid to a species-appropriate husbandry. The sturgeons grow up in a natural lake environment. Each fish has enough space and fresh water on the several square kilometers large breeding facility to develop naturally. Furthermore, the caviar is produced exclusively by caviar masters with many years of experience. All our caviar products are farmed, processed and distributed in strict compliance with CITES regulations.

What is the shelf life of fresh caviar?

Well cooled and vacuum packed, our fresh caviar keeps the consistent quality up to 8 weeks.  To extend the shelf life, caviar is salted. However, our caviar does not taste overly salty, because the caviar is only lightly salted and is always marked with the predikaz “Malossol” (the Russian term for lightly salted).

Does the caviar arrive quickly and cool to me?

Our caviar is shipped in special refrigerated containers by express (next day) and the caviar arrives at the customer well cooled. From production to delivery, the cold chain is never interrupted. In order to further guarantee the high quality of the caviar we recommend to store the caviar at 0°C to + 4°C. The lowest compartment in the refrigerator is the coolest area.

How can I buy and pay for products?

In the store section you will find all our products, the respective product can easily put them in the shopping cart and pay. We offer the following payment methods: Instant bank transfer and direct debit (Klarna), invoice (Klarna), Mastercard and Visa (Klarna), Paypal, payment in advance, as well as cash payment upon pickup.

For special requests you can also contact us directly. You can reach us best via email at info@exquisit-caviar.de or by phone at +49 40 287 89 833.

Do you also offer caviar for gastronomy and wholesale?

With many years of experience and passion, we are dedicated to caviar and everything that goes with it. Our customers include star chefs, delicatessens, restaurants, airlines, hotels and trade customers. We see ourselves as specialists in sturgeon caviar, and we would like to convince you of its exceptional quality.

Which vodka can I buy at Exquisit Caviar?

In our online store we offer the noble “Diamond Ice” vodka. The finest ingredients are used in its production, such as the natural aroma of essential mint and lemon oil. The unmistakable soft and pure taste is due to the artesian water extracted 300 meters deep in the soils of the Siberian Taiga Valley. Our Diamond Ice Vodka is distilled 4 times and filtered 4 times, refining it to perfection. The unique design and exclusive bottle also make this vodka very special.